Construction Management

Our Construction Management team has the highest qualification in construction management specialty with over 20 years of vast experience in the construction management of hotels and resorts, mixed-use, residential towers, commercial towers, entertainment and leisure, stadiums and recreational, healthcare, infrastructure, theme parks, and water parks.

The Middle East and rest of the world have witnessed significant changes in the construction development models, where complexity of construction is becoming obvious, and the need to construction management specialists is becoming essential as admitted by developers and investors to minimize the losses that cannot be predicted by the developer or investor before or during construction.

No matter how complex the project is, Sabaa construction management team commits to manage the day-to-day construction of all projects and provides innovative sustainable results that are beyond the obvious solutions, which contributes significantly to reduce the risk of cost overrun and schedule delay. We reduce the risk of constructions projects by identifying the roots of risks and treat them before growing as obstacles to project success. We help the client in making confident decision that are based on systematic risk management process. We utilize our solid database and processes in managing construction projects systematically. Progressive reporting and performance assessment, along with recommended action plan are always maintained by our team.